Effect of “Social Media”


Now a day, a lot of people around the world use social media to work, relax and talk with friends. That why social media have an effect to many many thing in both way good and not good.

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In a good way, A well-managed social media campaign can help you and your brand:

  • Increase communication with clients
  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Remind your prospects of your brand
  • Improve your online influence
  • Reach the friends of your clients and prospects with your message
  • Inform your audience of specials in real time
  • Increase your SEO ranking



In other way(not good), if you are the one who use social media every day you will know and see thing like this happen on the world of social media:

  • Lot of people spend a lot of time using social media
  • The time that people use to spend on social media it not good
  • A lot of bad word
  • Some of people forget to post their personal information that can make a bad effect to them in the future.

After all the thing i have say maybe the only real bad thing to use social media is some people addict to use it and some of them have changes a personality. For a people who addict in social media maybe they think they just cant stop post status or update a picture of themselves .


Direction of Social Media !!!


If we start to talk about the direction of social media it’s still change and improve all the time since 1994 to present. Now a day, user more happy to show their own personal information like a picture, video and what they feel at time time into social media.



A lot of social media also try to link together like Facebook with YouTube. Thing have changed from the past to present to be better for user, for example Google Real Time Search. Next, Augment Reality … it’s a virtual reality that combine with a technology that look like QR Code to make user see 3D picture or 3D dimension on a monitor and also with a environment objective. Lastly, Semantic Web .. it’s help to bring old information to reuse and also help computer to understand the meaning of word. Semantic Web apply for help in searching and show information to user automatically.

Let’s Talk about “Social Media”


What is Social Media ??     It’s actually come from a word “Social” and “Media” ??

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For my understanding, Social media are media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques.

Most of social media website base on web 2.0 with have an interaction between users. It’s tow ways to communicate between user, First it sender the one who give the information and second is receiver the one who reply, comment or interact one something in social website. For example Blog, it’s have to be a blogger who come to write a blog and then reader who come to read, comment or share to another people. Now a day, if we talk about social media most of people will say ” it is the one that people sharing what they interested into their own facebook page”. Like share video or a picture of Super Star they like. The most popular website that people use to share video is http://www.youtube.com and if someone want to share a video or watch a video which have a good quantity they have to go on http://www.vimeo.com

A lot of thing come up with social media, like social shopping, social network cms but we cannot just pass to talk about Facebook the most popular one in the world. In Thailand can say that more than 10 percent of people already create their own Facebook page.

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Social Media also have some kind of social network that was create for some objective like http://www.LinkedIn.com.

LinkedIn is a social network that provide an infomation of people who want to show their profile or their organization to find a job or hire people to work.

Can we said that Social Media is a new thing?? No !! it just recently become a part of mainstream culture and the business world. People have been using digital media for networking, socializing and also information gathering. This has been almost exactly over 30 years. I can’t find the exactly one for social networking but let say SixDegrees is the first. SixDegrees is the one that let user post information of their own then connect to another people, it was create in 1997. Next, we will know the website that base on web 2.0 like Friendster(2002-2003), MySpace(2004-2006) and Facebook from 2007 til now.

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Thank you guys for come to read my blog the next one i will talk about the direction of social media. Hope all of you who come to read will like my blog, if you have any suggest please comment i want to know and improve my writing skill. 🙂