‘Thorfun 2.0’ a new social media blog


          Recently, Thorfun Company the owner of www.thorfun.com, which is provider of Social Media Blog (First in Thailand) have done an organize a press conference for “Thorfun 2.0” with the new campaign “Time for new beginning”

          Thorfun 2.0 have a new feature to help blogger writing their own blog more easier and more fun. After Thorfun 1.0 launched to a Social Network, it become a popular one that because a lot of blogger come to write and share what they have done or what they think. Another reason that make this Social Media Blog more popular and grow up fast because Thorfun Company share a good benefit to every blogger who use their blog.



With a new Social Media Blog “Thorfun 2.0” every blogger with get four way benefit to use this new Blog. First, How much fun you have when you writing a blog because this new blog help people who want to write more easy and more fun, let’s say it Unlimited. Second, of cause every blogger want to share their own blog and Thorfun 2.0 have a function that help blogger to share. Third, Social Share. Most of people who use Thorfun Social Media Blog  are filled with friendship and warmth. Lastly, Share a good benefit to blogger. Thorfun share 51 percent of the money they earn from advertisement on their blog to blogger.

The new Thorfun 2.0 can create via Facebook page and new feature that provide, for example a category which is Life, Fashion, Health, Technology, Politics, Restaurant, Travel, Novel, Diary, Sport, General and Business.


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