A good idea, from Colombia army !!
They has installed a giant “Christmas tree” in rebel-held territory to encourage militants to disarm.


Web 2.0 !!



After you guys watch the video i have post, may be you won’t understand what’s web 2.0 ??

Web 2.0, a term coined in 1999 to describe a website that uses the static pages of the site previously. It is closely associated with Tim O’Reilly because of the O’Reilly Media Web 2.0 conference, held in late 2004. Although Web 2.0 introduced a new version of the World Wide Web, it does not mean, update any technical requirements but the changes that have accumulated in the form of software developers and end-users of web applications.
Site Web 2.0 will allow users to interact and collaborate with each other in the discussion of social media content creators, users created in the virtual community, in contrast to websites where people will be limited. passive viewing of content, examples of Web 2.0 include social networking sites, blogs, Wikis, video sharing sites, hosted services, web applications, and mixed. folksonomies.
Whether Web 2.0 is substantively and different from prior but web technologies has been challenged by World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee described the term as jargon.

“a collaborative medium, a place where we where we all meet and read and write”.


this video will help you ti understand more about web 2.0 🙂 !!!!

What going to happen in the future :)


For social network, i believe that in the future social network will improve a lot. The reason is it become a part of living for people like the news that report today.

  • The rate that Thai people use social media increase from last year 163 percent
  • Instagram is in the first rank  and the more than 70 million picture a year upload by Thai people.
  • YouTube is in the second,  more than 5.3 million video a year upload by Thai people.
  • Facebook and Twitter still popular and woman use social media more than a man
  • Suvarnabhumi Airport is the first rank of place that people check-in in Thailand.



‘Thorfun 2.0’ a new social media blog


          Recently, Thorfun Company the owner of www.thorfun.com, which is provider of Social Media Blog (First in Thailand) have done an organize a press conference for “Thorfun 2.0” with the new campaign “Time for new beginning”

          Thorfun 2.0 have a new feature to help blogger writing their own blog more easier and more fun. After Thorfun 1.0 launched to a Social Network, it become a popular one that because a lot of blogger come to write and share what they have done or what they think. Another reason that make this Social Media Blog more popular and grow up fast because Thorfun Company share a good benefit to every blogger who use their blog.



With a new Social Media Blog “Thorfun 2.0” every blogger with get four way benefit to use this new Blog. First, How much fun you have when you writing a blog because this new blog help people who want to write more easy and more fun, let’s say it Unlimited. Second, of cause every blogger want to share their own blog and Thorfun 2.0 have a function that help blogger to share. Third, Social Share. Most of people who use Thorfun Social Media Blog  are filled with friendship and warmth. Lastly, Share a good benefit to blogger. Thorfun share 51 percent of the money they earn from advertisement on their blog to blogger.

The new Thorfun 2.0 can create via Facebook page and new feature that provide, for example a category which is Life, Fashion, Health, Technology, Politics, Restaurant, Travel, Novel, Diary, Sport, General and Business.

Effect of “Social Media”


Now a day, a lot of people around the world use social media to work, relax and talk with friends. That why social media have an effect to many many thing in both way good and not good.

Social Media Logotype Background


In a good way, A well-managed social media campaign can help you and your brand:

  • Increase communication with clients
  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Remind your prospects of your brand
  • Improve your online influence
  • Reach the friends of your clients and prospects with your message
  • Inform your audience of specials in real time
  • Increase your SEO ranking



In other way(not good), if you are the one who use social media every day you will know and see thing like this happen on the world of social media:

  • Lot of people spend a lot of time using social media
  • The time that people use to spend on social media it not good
  • A lot of bad word
  • Some of people forget to post their personal information that can make a bad effect to them in the future.

After all the thing i have say maybe the only real bad thing to use social media is some people addict to use it and some of them have changes a personality. For a people who addict in social media maybe they think they just cant stop post status or update a picture of themselves .

Direction of Social Media !!!


If we start to talk about the direction of social media it’s still change and improve all the time since 1994 to present. Now a day, user more happy to show their own personal information like a picture, video and what they feel at time time into social media.



A lot of social media also try to link together like Facebook with YouTube. Thing have changed from the past to present to be better for user, for example Google Real Time Search. Next, Augment Reality … it’s a virtual reality that combine with a technology that look like QR Code to make user see 3D picture or 3D dimension on a monitor and also with a environment objective. Lastly, Semantic Web .. it’s help to bring old information to reuse and also help computer to understand the meaning of word. Semantic Web apply for help in searching and show information to user automatically.